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MIME//SCAPE (2023)


"Fight your way through a funhouse fever dream ​and watch as the world around you unravels ​before your very feet."


About The Project

Personal Responsibilities

  • I actively collaborated with my fellow level designers, sharing ownership of 4 levels with approximately 20 minutes of gameplay. Taking the game from concept to final product.

  • Designed and scripted multiple features that are used throughout the game.

  • Scripted some custom events to make the experience more believable.

  • Offered constructive feedback to my fellow level designers and other team members throughout development, resulting in a better and more fun player experience.

Project Details

  • Project Length: 15 weeks (4h per day)

  • Engine: Mysmotorn - Programmers homebrewed engine

  • Visual Scripting: Mysmotorn

  • Level Editor: Unity

  • Refrence Game: Roboquest

  • The Team

    • 5 Game Programmers

    • 5 Game Artists

    • 3 Level Designers

    • 2 Sound Designers

Project Showreel

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