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Ignite (2022)

Platform Game

"Ignite your wanderlust and light up the darkness of a fallen city. Use your agility and reflexes to avoid the dangers that lurk at every turn. You alone can avert disaster..."


About The Project

Personal Responsibilities

  • Project Coordinator

  • I had main responsibility for two out of six levels, where my tasks were blocking, whiteboxing, playtesting, iterating and finally the implementation of art for the levels.​​

Project Details

  • Project Length: 8 weeks (4h per day)

  • Engine: TGA 2.5D

  • Level Editor: Unity

  • Refrence Game: Super Meat Boy

  • The Team

    • 5 Game Programmers

    • 5 Game Artists

    • 3 Level Designers

Project Showreel

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