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Spite: Through The Veil

ARPG inspired by Diablo 3

"The Goddess Aeshtar has been crying out for help from the depths of the Dead Swamp. Whole armies have been sent in to investigate, but none have yet returned. As the mood grows tense, it is now up to you to brave the swamps and find out what happened to her.​"


About The Project

Personal Responsibilities

  • I had main responsibility for one out of three levels, where my tasks were blocking, whiteboxing, playtesting, iterating and finally the implementation of art for the level.​​

  • Implementation of fog and lightning

Project Details

  • Project Length: 14 weeks (4h per day)

  • Engine: Mysmotorn - Programmers homebrewed engine

  • Level Editor: Unity

  • Refrence Game: Diablo 3

  • The Team

    • 5 Game Programmers

    • 5 Game Artists

    • 3 Level Designers

Project Showreel

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